All you need is love... and a little schooling

I start my CNA
classes tonight so I
set out to make this
a perfect, memorable
day with the girls.
You know, the kind
you see represented
in those picture
perfect mommy blogs.
Not so much.
We never got to
make Christmas cookies
over the break so I got
out the sugar cookie
dough and we cut out
hearts and stars.
Only I put them
too close together
on the cookie sheet
so they turned into
one big blob.
Then we were
coloring pictures to
include in our
Christmas thank you
cards but that
didn't last long.
Lexi was breaking
the crayons and putting
them in her mouth
and Lila was too
concerned about what
Lexi was doing to
stay interested
in coloring.
I ran to the
bathroom and
I swear I wasn't
gone more than 3 minutes
but when I came back
the damage looked
like I had been gone
for a lot longer.
The crayons were
all over the floor,
Lila's drink was making
puddles in between
the crayons,
the thank you cards
were all crumpled
the tablecloth had
been pulled until my
computer was teetering
on the edge of the
table and Lexi was
holding my camera.
Oh boy.
We cleaned
everything up
and played babies.
The girls had
a great day.
They don't care
about perfectly
decorated cookies
or pretty pictures.
They're not
comparing me with
other moms
who accomplish picture-perfect
crafts and have pictures
taken from just the
right angle.
To be honest,
I care about those things.
I want those things.
I want
Pinterest pinnable
And pictures
taken from
just the right angle.
I care.
They don't.
They care
about love.
Just love.
They care about
time spent
with them.
Feeding babies
and tea parties.
Dress up hats
and princess dresses.
The good stuff.
And now I'm off
to Target for
a new notebook,
some highlighters
and some new pens.

Back to school.

The bond between these sisters is crazy strong!

We have a new tradition at night. 
Lila and Lexi sit in the
rocking chair in Lexi's room
 and Lila reads Lexi a bedtime story. 
Then they do prayers together,
with Lila leading Lexi in
the Lord's prayer. 
It's pretty sweet. 
 Nick and I alternate nights
putting the girls to bed. 
On the nights that I put Lila to bed
 I read her a story in her room
 before we put her oxygen on for the night. 
After we get her situated with her oxygen
 I do a special prayer just for Lila. 
On nights that she's really not
feeling well at all she asks me to do
an "extra" special prayer for her.  
Tonight after I did Lila's special prayer
 she asked if she could do
a special prayer for Lexi. 
 It went something like this.
"Dear God, thank you for our Wexi girl. 
Thank you for the bwessing
she is to our family. 
We love her so much. 
 Please keep her safe. 
 In Jesus Name, Amen."
I feel like I've had
tears in my eyes ever since.

Their bond is so strong.